18 June 2011

Today's Adventure

When I woke up this  morning I saw the sun shining through my blinds and was so thrilled.  The weather here in Alaska has not been the best so when I saw the sun shining I wanted to soak up all the rays I could today.  I decided to take the two blessings on a little drive about an hour out of town.  There is a nice place called Angel Rock that we tend to go hiking at and along the way there is some beautiful areas to stop and relax by the river.  Today we were going to relax by the river and enjoy the nature that God has created for us.

So we packed some snacks, a couple of towels, change of clothes, and we were out the door.  All three of us were excited for our adventure and could not wait to see what was in store for us.  Well, about 30 minutes out of town the rain started to come down.  The clouds were not looking promising.  We decided to push on because you can never tell with Alaska weather what is going to happen.

After 20 minutes of little sprinkles of rain here and downpours there we were wondering if we would be able to enjoy the outdoors.  We stopped at a couple of areas but as soon as we stepped out of the car we were swarmed by mosquitoes!  It was horrible and guess who forgot the bug spray?!?!?  The sad part was that I remembered to grab the bug spray but forgot to grab it (if that makes sense).  After about 10 minutes of being attacked by mosquitoes we decided to head back towards home.

We were a little disappointed that we could not go through with our plans but we really had a good time.  Just the three of us with no distractions was very enjoyable.  These are the times where we wish for our hero to be home.

The best part of the trip was being able to see God's creatures: 

Two calf moose

Momma is just behind bushes in the water

Momma with her head in the water 
Ahhhh I just love Alaska!


  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I am glad you got some peace and solitude. It is also great that you found the positive in what happened today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Too bad that the Angel Rock hike didn't work out though :( Hugs to you & kids!!



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