04 April 2011

I Am Not, I Will Not

I know I have not kept up with my one thousand gifts, but know that I look each and everyday for a blessing sent from above.  Sometimes it may be hard to find that one blessing while you are fighting the storm, but the blessings are there, trust me. Before I began to write this post, I swore I heard my husband let out a cough.  I get up to check and it then dawned on me.  It was not my husband.  I will not be hearing his cough, his laughter, and his encouraging word, here in our home for awhile.  There will be no more morning kisses before he leaves for work or his phone call letting me know that he will be late, again.  I could be so bitter and upset.  I could be mad at the world.  I could be mad at Him.   

But I am not. 

I will not.

I have blessings surrounding me.  

91. A whole month spent with my husband and children.

92. My husband on leave for a month.

93.  Surprising my children when daddy arrived home from training...early.

94.  My husband's boots by the front door.

95.  My son wanting to be like his dad.

96.  A daughter who looks at her daddy like he is Prince Charming.

97.  A week long getaway; just the four of us.

98.  The quiet time with my husband.

99.  Hearing him say "I love you"

100.  Our phone calls.

101. Our love letters.

102.  The protection God has over him.

103.  Friends who are there to support me.

104. Friends who text, call, or email just to say they are praying for us.

105.  Watching the first two seasons of Criminal Minds with my husband.

106.  Having my husband hold me while watching Criminal Minds.

107.  Having my husband as my protector.

108.  My son who wants to be my protector, while his daddy is away.

109.  Walks with my two blessings.

110.  Playing a card game with my beautiful daughter.

111.  Playing a board game with my handsome son.

112.  Hugs I receive from my blessings.

113.  The warm weather embracing Alaska.

114.  Coffee.

115.  My fellow military spouses.

116.  My youngest brother becoming a Marine.

117.  The unexpected book I received in the mail from my cousin.

118.  Hearing my daughter say how much she wants to be like me.

119.  Watching my son perform to a song about being in God's Army.

120.  The smell of my husband's favorite sweatshirt that he left for me.

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  1. Such a warm post filled with love and a reminder to me to be thankful (even for days like today) that are less than stellar. Hugs!

  2. Coffee is wonderful. I sleep with some of the dirty clothes that Dave wore before he left... That might sound weird but it's comforting. Wishing you well today!

  3. @Robin~ Thank you! I am sending prayers your way...can you feel them? :)

    @Kimberly~ No that is not weird at all because I do the same thing...lol
    Blessings to you both!

  4. Praying for you as you endure this deployment.



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