03 April 2011

Homeschool Bins

Last year I posted some pictures of our homeschool room and you can click here to check those out.  Well, I had to change a couple of things around because I felt overwhelmed with the lack of shelving.  So the hubs and I went to the local Fred Meyer's and picked up a bookshelf that had some cubbyholes.  I also purchased some collapsible bins to use for storage.  Well, when we got home and put the shelves together I decided that I NEEDED one more shelf.  So off to the store we went!

Instead of this shelf:

We have these:

I am just loving how everything is set-up and organized.  I was able to put their everyday school books into one bin, which they are able to grab, bring it to the table, and still have all of their books organized.  Of course little man loves carrying it one handed because he is so strong like his daddy that he only needs to use one hand.  You have to love little boys!


  1. They looks great!

  2. LOVE those cubes :) That's what we use for Breanna's toys and I've been tempted to get another one (or two) for downstairs. lol

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog with UBP! I love your idea of homeschooling shelves - it looks so nice and tidy :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wishing you all the best.
    We too will be homeschooling :) Lots to share and learn!

  5. Ooooh organizing is one of my favorite pastimes, lol.



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