11 April 2011

Blessings Pouring Down

This past week could have been a little more difficult to find the blessings because the hubby is gone and the kids had strep throat.  However, no matter the struggles that we were sent, there were still many blessings to be found.
121.  Skype

122.  Watching my children talk to their daddy with Skype

123.  My heart beat faster when my phone is ringing and it is a Skype call from the hubby

124.  The ability to see my hubby while he is away

125.  Technology 

126.  God's armor over my hubby

127.  My church family who have embraced us and prayed for us during this time

128.  Facebook because I would not know what is happening with family and friends

129.  Receiving a "thinking of you" card from my cousin; my sister in Christ!

130.  A nice washed truck.  It only lasts until I pull out of car wash, but a blessing it is for those two seconds

131. Break-up season in Alaska.  Spring is on its way!

132.  My "date night with Dave" (Dave Ramsey).  Last Friday was my first night attending Financial Peace University (FPU) and how eye-opening it was

133.  My two blessings healing from strep throat

134.  An hour long conversation with my sister

135.  Having food in the house and money in the account, just in case there was a government shutdown

136.  My last week of my two classes

137.  Coffee talks with my fellow military spouses

138.  Ladies night at church.  We could not attend last week because of illness and I realized how much I love those ladies!

139.  My Saturday night Bible group.  They truly ROCK!

140.  Next day chili

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  1. "135. Having food in the house and money in the account, just in case there was a government shutdown"

    This is what I was most thankful for this past week. Oh man, It was so nice knowing that we would be ok for a while; even without pay.

  2. I like 131...can't wait to see it myself.

    PTL on 135. I was a bit scared thinking about it. We've been through Dave's class as well...

  3. What blessed list in the midst of sickness and seperation. Friday was an interesting day for us as well. We were active and now Army civilian employed. I pray your Spring comes quickly and for a healthier week.

  4. Can you imagine what a deployment would be like without today's technology? I'm so glad for what the modern computer can give us! Have a great week!
    PS. I'm a new follower.



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