21 October 2010

Fall Fun~Guest Post

Today I have a guest post by Kaitlyn. Yes, my nine year old daughter. Kaitlyn enjoys reading, singing, soccer and ballet. Kaitlyn is in the fourth grade and loves to write. So I thought why not have her write on The Forever Neighbor since she is a faithful reader. Plus, it gives us an outlook on life in the eyes of a child.

I wanted to write a little poem to welcome winter.  This is how it goes:

Spooky spider,
scary scarecrow,
rake the leaves,
then come on in and enjoy some tea.

If you missed Kaitlyn's last post please click here.


  1. Your newest follower from Think of Me Thursday Blog Hop! Looking forward to looking around your blog more! Hope you can stop by my blog and say HI!


  2. I love the poem. It has all of my favorite things about fall in it.

  3. Welcome to Think of me Thursday. Thanks for linking up and following me. I am a new follower of yours. Your guest writer did a great job. That is too cute.

  4. I just love it! She has her moms writing skills

  5. What a great poem, Kaitlyn! I hope you have a great day :-)



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