19 October 2010

Call Me Crazy....

Many people may call me crazy for this but I am grateful for the snow here in Alaska.  I really think it is because I am at the point where I want it to arrive so we can be done with the winter season.  The lack of sunlight, the below freezing temps, and the constant snow can really affect many people.  I admit there are days where I wish for the bright shining thing in the sky but I treasure the family memories we create during the winter. 
The family and I tend to play more board games, read stories, watch movies, and just be together. We do have days of snow tubing, sledding, playing in the snow and visiting Santa in North Pole but overall the time together is treasured. Yes, we do those things in the summer but we tend to be outside enjoying the sun.  During the winter we are nestled together in our warm house and making each other laugh.  I know in a few years I will look back at these times and remember the memories we created. 

The first official "sticking" of the snow

The blessings are loving the snow!

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  1. Call me crazy, too! You completely, absolutely nailed my emotions about the snow--from the relief that its here, so we can begin to climb our way back to sun--through the cozy family feeling and hibernation, if you will! I think its a healthy attitude to adopt, considering where we live! :) See you later this season!



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