09 July 2010

Craigslist~Bringing in More Money

When the hubby and I decided that we need to start saying no, we also decided that we really need to find a way to bring in more money.  Even though we know that we will be coming into more money each month we still need to be smart.  So last night we sat down and saw how much more we will be receiving and also how much we will be making when the hubby deploys.  We are very excited when God decides to bless us with that money but right now we do not have the money and need to focus on what we have now. 

One thing that we have done to bring in some extra money was to sell items on Craigslist.  Within the past week we sold two large items and were blessed with a wonderful amount of money.  Unfortunately, one of those items was a puppy we purchased a couple months back but that was when the hubby and I were not thinking.  We did get the amount back that we paid for her.  But it was a decision that we had to make.  Another item we sold was my son's bunk bed set.  We purchased it back in Maryland but it does not fit in his room now, so instead of sitting in our basement gathering dust, we sold it.  As soon as we posted the puppy, the next night she was in her new home.  For the bunk bed set we sold within 30 minutes!  

After we received the money we sat down and decided what we were going to do with the money.  The money we received for the puppy we used to purchase items that we needed, filled our vehicles, and some other items that needed to be bought.  The money with the bunk bed we decided to put some in savings, hubby needed to pay for his fantasy football league, paid some bills ahead and decided that we needed "blow" money

Sitting down and deciding what we were going to do with the money really helped both of us see where the money was going and how it was helping our financial situation. 

I do have to admit the hubby and I obviously made many mistakes with our finances but the positive thing coming out of it is my children seeing how to live frugally.  They are seeing that they do not NEED everything, and that if they want something they need to save.  Also, they are learning how to grocery shop and to spend wisely.  Even though our two blessings our learning from our mistakes I pray that when they are grown they will not be a slave to their debt. 

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  1. Craiglist has been a great tool for me to find buyers of things you don't need.

  2. I've always had good luck with Craigslist, too. I've never had anything not sell and once I was trying to GIVE AWAY a queen size mattress and box spring from our spare bedroom after my daughter was born. Friends of friends kept saying they wanted it but no one would come get it. I finally listed it on craigslist and sold it for $40. I couldnt' give it away but sold it for $40!

  3. We were walking through our house today talking about what we could sell. I guess great minds think alike when it comes to digging back out of debt! I think Craigslist will be seeing more of us soon too!



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