30 March 2010

Homemade Cleaners

Since the beginning of the year I have switched to using homemade cleaners, and for a few different reasons.  The main reasons were the cost and because it is so "green".  Eventually when I start running out of my other cleaners I will of course not be buying anymore.  So right now I am using the usual "vinegar and water" solution.  I know some people who refuse to use it because of the vinegar smell, and one of those people is my son.  He walks around plugging his nose as soon as he sees me with the spray bottle.  However, I use some baking soda, and some essential oils to try to overpower the smell.

1 spray bottle (can pick one up at the dollar store for a dollar or even 50 cents, or yard sales)
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
Sprinkle in some baking soda (I usually do not measure, sorry)
Some drops of essential oil (I use sweet orange, and again I do not measure)

That is it; that is all you have to do.  The best part is you can purchase most of these items in bulk at a wholesale store, and save even more money.  I buy my vinegar from Sam's Club because I go through so much due to also using it for my laundry.  Overall, since I started using these homemade cleaners and laundry soap I have seen a huge difference in my grocery bill. 

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  1. My all-purpose cleaner is similar, but I omit the b. soda and don't mind the vinegar smell. It makes my tile floor gleam, and has the interesting effect of deterring the multitudes of sugar ants that take over homes here in the tropics.

  2. LOL! I thought you were talking about my daughter there for a second. She detests the smell of vinegar. I have ended up changing to hydrogen peroxide as it doesn't really have a smell. :D



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