19 February 2010

Thrift Stores!

I don't know about you but I do not like to pay full price for my children's clothing.  My children tend to hit a growth spurt shortly after I buy them new clothes.  To me it is almost like throwing money away.  Don't get me wrong we NEED clothes but I do not feel as guilty getting rid of $3 jeans as compared to $20 jeans. 

That is why I shop at thrift stores or yard sales (weather permitting ;). 

One thing that I have learned when shopping at thrift stores is to ask when they have sales, if any.  For example, we have a thrift store here on post, and the prices are very reasonable.  Although, the thrift store tends to have bag sales a couple times of year.  I make an effort to attend those because the charge is $5 (I believe or maybe $8) and it is whatever you can fit in the brown bag.  Last time I went I was able to pick up two pairs of jeans for my son, an almost brand new fleece Columbia jacket for my daughter, a couple short sleeve shirts for each of them, a couple of long sleeve shirts for each of them, and a Columbia hoodie for myself.  A deal it was!

Another thrift store I go to is called Value Village.  I like to go there every so often because there are days where certain tags are 50 percent off.  On Monday for Presidents Day they had a great sale of 50 percent off all clothing and housewares.  I was planning on hitting the sale but when I drove by, the parking lot was packed, and I decided that the crowd was not worth it (plus we had just arrived home from a short road trip).  For Christmas, I was able to buy a very cute dress for my daughter for $6 and my son a pair of black dress pants for $1!

***The $6 dress & $1 pants!***

Do you shop at thrift stores?  Does your thrift store have any good sales or deals?

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  1. I love thrift stores and yard sales. I never bought clothes at them until last year. I cannot believe what I was missing!



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