21 February 2010

Our New Family Member...

I just wanted to share with you the wonderful news!!! 

Today at church we had a great guest speaker.  His sermon was very eye opening and I believe that everyone at the service could really relate to him.  Well, after service we had an opportunity to sponsor a child!!!

I am very excited about our new family member.  I truly would love to do a missions trip in the future but right now that is not in the plan.  So, this is the closest I can get, and I am LOVING it.  We had the opportunity to look at some children's pictures there at church or we could look online.  While looking at one of the pictures we found a child that my whole family's heart went out to.  We filled out the paperwork, and were able to keep her picture, which we instantly framed when we got home.  We are very excited that God has placed this new blessing into our life's. 

I know many people say that sponsoring a child while becoming debt free is not a good idea.  However, God has blessed us with an extra income, and we feel that we should bless those who need our help.  There are so many children in this world who need help, who need fresh water, who need an education, who need food, who need clothes, who need to hear about Jesus Christ and who need to know that there are others who care and love them. 

We are so excited about our new family member!!!

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