24 February 2010


A few weeks ago I wrote about our homeschool story, and how we made the decision to homeschool.  Well, when I starting hearing more about homeschooling I would ask the homeschool children if they preferred to be homeschooled.  Every child I asked the answer was always "yes, I love being homeschooled."  If you ask my children they would answer with the same reply. 

Just recently I was asked if I still homeschooled, and I said "yes."  Their response "wow, I couldn't homeschool" "my children need to go to school so they can learn" "my children need to learn about life so they need to go to school" "my children need to go to school so they can be motivated to learn."  As I was listening to the comments I was thinking "Lord please give me the words I need."  After their comments or suggestions were done I said "you can teach your children about life at home"(after more sarcastic comments), I then said "well it works for us". 

Not many people agree with homeschooling, and homeschooling may not be for many.  My children have attended "regular" school and homeschooling, so they have had he experience of both.  Homeschooling just works for us. 

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  1. People say the strangest things when you tell them you homeschool. My favorite is the socialization topic. Those people really need to stop and think of what kind of socialization happens in school. We get lots of social experiences, since we go out almost every day.

  2. Personally, I am disappointed in the way that many people have great concerns against homeschooling, but are largely uninformed about the realities of homeschooling, or aware of the great diversity in homeschooling families and approaches.

    Our children, too, have experienced both public school and homeschool. Though our children are presently in public school for a variety of reasons, we see tremendous benefits to homeschooling. Our oldest son is in college in what would be his senior year, after two years at home, and was well prepared for English 1A last fall.

    I just wish people were more knowledgeable in the quality of education and yes, social development, in a homeschool. In fact, the homeschooled children I know are far more comfortable interacting with people of all ages than most children in public/private schools.

  3. Whenever your choice challenges the heart of another's choice I think it can cause some ugly things to be said. A defensive mode really. I got it when I homeschooled and I get it because of my family size. So long as we know we are following God's will for our life we can be a peace.



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