24 March 2014

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Week Four Complete

If you missed the past updates please click the links for week one, week two, and week three.

Phase one complete!

Last spring when I began this program I stopped after week three. This time I am determined to complete the entire program. So, this makes me super excited for completing phase one. I was very happy during phase one. The first couple of weeks I was anxious to get to week three because I began five day workouts compared to the four day workouts I was doing. I kept telling myself to trust the process. My favorite part of phase one, was no cardio, although I found myself kind of missing cardio towards the end of week three. Trust me I will make up for it in the next two phases.

During phase one I focused on my eating. I had to get back into eating clean and change my mind set on food. I had no problem leaving the soda behind, but the pizza is another story! I am glad to say I have not had a sip of soda at all during phase one. I do not even crave it or want it! This is huge because I love my Coca-Cola! I drink water like crazy and cannot leave home without my water bottle. I made sure I had a meal prep time during the week. This allowed me to have food on hand and ready to eat so I was not tempted to eat poorly due to waiting on food to cook.

One thing I have truly learned in this phase is people will either be interested in the program and what I am doing OR people will make rude comments, roll their eyes, tell me what I am doing is wrong, and try to tear me down. Luckily many people in my church, my good friends, my husband and two blessings support me. Many times I get a couple chuckles when I pull out my food but I know it is not out of spite. For example, I attended a wedding this past Saturday and while everyone was eating cake, I ate Jamie Eason’s carrot proteinbars and broccoli. No one can help me achieve my goals except God and me. He will help me as long as I do my part.

The first day I started LiveFit I took pictures of myself. I was not happy seeing how I let my body, my temple, get in such a poor state. Even though it was hard seeing those pictures I am glad I took them. After phase one I took pictures and was able to compare them to day one. I am happy with the results. Plus, I can see a baby bicep starting to form! The picture on the left is from day one and the picture on the right was after phase one. (Please disregard the towel in the background ;) I debated on sharing this picture but I wanted to show my baby bicep! Does anyone else see it??? Trust me I have a LONG way to go but it is nice to see changes.

After reviewing phase two I know that it is going to be tougher than phase one. I need to be in constant prayer with Him. I am going to need His strength. I need to prepare my mind for this phase. The workouts increase to six days a week of weight lifting and three to four days of cardio. The workouts are now going to take longer than phase one. This means waking up even earlier than I am now. Oy vey! Plus, in phase one I was lifting about 65% of the weight and now in phase two I need to lift 85%. Weights increasing, waking up earlier, adding cardio, and the enemy trying to get into my head will definitely have an effect on me. However, as long as I keep my mind on Him I will succeed.

Okay, now the overall results for phase one. First I want to explain, when I took my measurements I included the basic areas; bust, hips, thighs, and waist. However, I also included areas where it is harder for me to see the results so measuring these areas would help me to see if these areas are changing; arms, calves, and above my bust. With that said here are the results:

Down 6.8 pounds


Down 18 inches

This is in 4 weeks!

I am very happy with these results. The area where I lost the most was my waist area. I lost 7.5 inches in just this area! Each area I measured, I lost. My calves and arms went down half an inch and I am truly happy with that number!

I read past program participants who have said they really saw results in week seven, which is in two weeks.

Now onto phase two….


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