09 January 2013

School Goals for 2013

 Today I want to share the school goals for my two blessings and my own schooling. The last week I have been sharing in more detail about the goals I have set for 2013. If you have missed them you can click here, here, here, and here. The school goals I have may seem logical, but trust me these are areas that I lack in at times.
First, I will begin with our homeschool. I finally came up with a name, "City On A Hill Academy." We just love the name and it fits us. Okay back to the goals.

Lessons plans.
My goal is to have our lessons plans complete by Sunday before school starts each week. I usually do not start the planning until Sunday, which I am hoping I can move this up to Fridays. I am pretty good about having the lesson plans complete, but I have moments where I lack, such as this week. I completed the lessons plan Monday morning for this week.

Hands-on projects.
I would like to add more hands-on projects to our homeschool. When I make our lesson plans I try to move us away from the table and workbooks once a week. I try to incorporate hands-on lessons but it seems to be every other week or so. I want to incorporate weekly hands-on projects.

I definitely lack in this area. BIG TIME. We go through spurts where I begin a read-aloud book but never finish. I cannot stand that. We spend time in reading each day, but I would like to read-aloud to the blessings. My goal is to complete 12 read-aloud for 2013. That comes out to one read-aloud a month. I am praying for more then 12, but will be happy with 12.

Field trips.
I would like to have at least one field trip a month. Right now our homeschool co-op does have a field trip planned each month, but I would like to continue this in the summer. I do pretty well with adding field trips into our lesson plans, but they are not every month.

Now onto my own schooling goals. When I was receiving my Associates degree there were items that I wished I could fix, such as I am a procrastinator. I need to work on that and so I know setting goals will help me. Plus, I am a huge list maker, so when I am able to cross these items off my list it will help me get out of this procrastination thing I have going on.

Chancellor's List.
My goal is to make it on the Chancellor's list at least once. The Chancellor's list is the "honor roll." Making all A's for the semester. I know I can accomplish this!

No late work.
*sigh* Towards the end of my Associates degree I was notorious for turning in late work. Anyone can look at my grades and see that there was a huge change in me. I started out with straight A's and then my husband deployment started to get closer, then he left, and then he returned. I started turning in late assignments because I was focused on helping my husband heal. Plus, I was being lazy at time and was ready for school to be over. My goal is to turn in NO late work.

More organize.
I need to prioritize my time for school. I need to plan ahead and write down what is due and when it is due instead of procrastinating (there is that word again!). I need to have all my assignments, notes, and schedules organized. This way when it comes time to work on homework I am not wasting time figuring out what needs to be done.

There we have it. School goals for 2013.
Do you have any school goals?


  1. Field trips used to be my favorite part of homeschool....that and sleeping in!

  2. My school goals: Pass my math class! I don't know what I was thinking taking math the very last semester. Its been so long since I took a math class, I'm going to struggle.

    Last semester I turned in my work a day late as well.... but, the professor never cared s I kept doing it. This semester, being its my last, I have decided that I am going to stay on top of everything and not slack. AND I'll read my text books. ;) One class last semester didn't ever test over the text book. All of our assignments revolved around something else and had nothing to do with our readings. Being that the text book pretty much repeated most of what I learned in other classes I decided to not even bother. I really just had no motivation last semester. Thankful I still came out with A's.

    Good luck with your schooling and homeschool!



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