12 January 2013

My Fitness Goals for 2013

The typical goal most people make at the New Year is fitness. I am one of them. I will be honest this goal is going to be a difficult one for me. Not because of the physical work I have to put into it. That is my favorite part. It is the emotional part. This is a very sensitive subject for me. It is sensitive in so many ways. Some I cannot put into words and others that just plain sting my heart. I know that I am created in His image. I know that and truly believe that. No buts. I really do. What I have done to my body is not what I think God wants me to do to my body. My body is a temple. A temple that I have vandalized, beat up, and tore down. One that will take not just physical work but emotional work as well.

Growing up I was never overweight. I was active. I played sports or was always on the go. I could not be stationary. I never worried about my weight. I knew many girls in high school who was obsessed with their weight. I was not. I could have cared less. I cannot say I cared less because I am sure I did, but it was not something that consumed me. I remember after giving birth to my daughter I was unhappy with the way I looked. When she was nine months I did something about it. I lost all my baby weight and some.

My weight fluctuated throughout the years, but not anywhere close to where I am now. After my son was born I was in the gym the day after we were released from the hospital. I had a wedding to be in about 13 months after he was born. I did not want to go home looking rough. I wanted that, yes I am a mother of two, look and "attitude." Again I lost the weight and even gained muscles. I had some awesome biceps. Of course I see that now, not then.

We move to Maryland where I stopped working out as much and lost my muscle mass. I still was thin. We move to Alaska and I swear you cross into the state and they immediately hand you 20 pounds. I gained a lot there. I gained about 30 pounds during our two and half year stay there. I am now in my thirties and realizing how hard it is to lose the weight.

One thing I have seen is that I can lose inches with no problem. Thank goodness!!! Sadly, I have to work about ten times harder than when I use to. I know age plays a part to that. I do not mind the physical part of working out. I love the feeling of looking like I got out of shower after a good workout. The sweat pouring down my face. The feeling of accomplishment. It is the emotional thinking I have to overcome. I become so addicted to working out that I expect results three days ago. I know it will take time. I know it took two and a half years to gain the weight. It is not coming off that easy. 

This year I am trying something new. Taking it slow. I am going to incorporate fitness into my life. I always start working out and become addicted then stop because I burnt myself out. This year I am determined to lose the weight. Hmmmm I am getting the urge to go for a run.

Two pounds a month.
I lose inches quickly and rarely lose the pounds. Mentally I like seeing the numbers go down on the scale. So with that I set a goal of losing two pounds a month. Trust me I will have to fight hard for those two pounds.

This is a HUGE goal for me. I LOVE Coca-Cola. A LOT. I know that plays a huge factor in my weight so I need to cut it out of my life. For good. I savored every can I had on New Year's Day. The first week of January I had one can in the morning and by January 4th I had no soda. Soda free for one week. Now to stay like that for a year.

Couch to 5k.
I have heard a lot about this program so I thought I would try it. I want to start this in February.

30 Day Shred.
I started the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred last summer. I was on day 22, I believe, when I stopped. I know, before you start yelling at me. I have a valid reason why I stopped. My father-in-law had passed. When we returned I never started it back up. My goal is to start this and do the entire 30 days with no breaks. Like it says to do.

Run a 5k race.
I will run in at least one 5k race this year. My goal is to run the entire race without stopping.

Drop two pant sizes.
No more soda and adding more exercising in my life makes this more reachable. I have to keep telling myself that. Exercise. Very important.

Workout five to six days a week.
Working out does not have to consist of hours; like I use to do. I need to push myself hard in a 20 minute workout. Over the next couple of months I will be adding in strength training and cardio. I know what I need to do. Shockingly enough I am pretty knowledgeable in fitness. I just have to apply myself.

I have an accountability partner that I need to check-in with each Sunday. Speaking of, I really need to do that this Sunday! I have a close friend of mine that I have known since fifth grade that I have my "check-ins" with. She is on the same road I am and we know holding each other accountable will help get us to where we need to be.

As I work on my outside I need to be working on my inside. I need to get the bad thoughts out and focus on the positive. I read Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food and that book was written for me. I started seeing food definitely. As I begin this journey I am asking you, my neighbors, to hold me accountable. Please stop by my Facebook page to ask if I did my workout for the day or send an encouraging word. I can do this. I am asking Him to help me and to guide me.

Will you help me as well? Where do you get your motivation? What are your fitness goals for 2013?

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  1. I girlfriend I am in the same boat! It seems like once I hit 35 pounds that I had never seen found me. I am frustrated to be at my current weight, since that last time I was even close to this weight I was full term pregnant! I'm coming up on 37 and this weight has got to go! I'll be thinking of you as I'm hitting the treadmill!



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