20 December 2012

Happy to Heavy Hearted

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Today we have been busy preparing for company. Laundry being done, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of bathrooms, and of course shoveling (thank you to the Rockies' snowstorm coming through). 

Presents being wrapped.

Dinner being made.

As I sit down to write a post this evening I think to myself "hmmm what should I write about?"  I ask God, "Lord, you always give me something to write about...why not now?" 

No answer.

I then feel something deep in my heart starting to stir. I look back over my day.

Preparing for company. The excitement of seeing my mommy (never to old to call your mom,  mommy) and my stepdad. Spending CHRISTmas with family after being away from family for almost three years. My heart was so happy today.

Then I start to feel this deep stirring in my heart. This feeling is heavy. I am not feeling so giddy anymore. It then hits me.

My heart is hurting for Newtown, Connecticut.

As my family awaits for this CHRISTmas season and awaiting the arrival of our family members, many others out there are hurting this CHRISTmas season.

Please say a prayer for those who will not be with loved ones this year. Prayer for strength, love, and God's embrace for all those who are hurting.

Pray for the broken hearted.

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