20 January 2011

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Today for Wordless Wednesday, my hubby took some great pictures of my son and his pinewood derby car.  Unfortunately, the pictures were on my husband's phone and I forgot to upload them before he left for work.  So needless to say, I will use them next week. 

On another note, I am exhausted!  Today, my two blessings and I went to our church to prepare cookies.  No big deal, right?  Well, did I mention that our goal was to have 1,008 cookies for our women's group that was occurring this evening (Wednesday)?  No, we did not need to make 1,008 cookies because on Sunday many people from the church signed up to make cookie,s and to bring them this evening.  Our goal was 84 dozen cookies and by Sunday afternoon, after everyone had signed up, we were at 76 dozen cookies.  So we were short eight dozens.  No big deal!

We arrived at the church around 3pm and I did not get home until after 9pm!  I am exhausted!  I am happy to report that God has poured many blessings upon us this evening, and cookies!  Our final count for cookies was 1,362 cookies which comes out to 112 dozen cookies!!! Praise God!

All 1,362 cookies bagged and ready for delivery

The cookies that were donated from our church family, and the cookies that myself and other ladies made at church, will be used for deploying soldiers and their families.  We have a Chaplain that will picking up the cookies tomorrow and distributing them out to 672 soldiers and their families. Our goal was to fill 500 sandwich bags and we were able to bag 672!  All the honor and glory goes to Him!!!

Now I am off to dreamland where I am sure I will dream about cookies.


  1. WOW! What an amazing job you all did! I am sure it was much appreciated!
    I know that had to be a lot of work but God was right there with you all!!

  2. Awesome job! I bet those families are going to be so excited about the treats!



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