22 June 2010


Last month one of my hubby's soldier and his wife had been blessed with twins.  While the couple was in the hospital with the babies his grandmother was in town taking care of their other children.  Since the grandmother is not military she could not shop at the PX or the Commissary and she could not go on and off post due to not having the proper military ID.  So because of that she could not go get a new coffeemaker (theirs had broke) or even coffee.  I told my hubby just to take ours over to her and she can use it until they were able to get a new coffeemaker.  Let me tell you, that was the longest week ever!  I could not believe how much I NEEDED coffee in the morning.  I love coffee and usually I just have a cup in the morning to get me started.  I did not realize that I depended on it each and every morning.  I thought I could be okay without my coffeemaker, and that I would survive.  Finally, after about a week I kept asking my hubby "do you know how much longer they will need the coffeemaker?"  I felt horrible about asking him fifty million a few times during the time period the coffeemaker was gone.  But it HAD to be done; I did not know how much longer I could go without my beloved coffee.  So now that the coffeemaker has returned home, the coffee tastes ever so gooooooood. 

Are you a coffee lover? Do you depend on coffee in the morning?

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